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The doors come with a screw-on flange (4-side on "E" doors and 3-side on APD & DUM doors.)

1. Remove inside mouldings to find rough opening size.

2. Order the frame size that will go in the "HOLE" with wiggle room.

a.  Measure height on left side & right side (use smallest measure.)

Height: ______

b. Measure width at top, center & bottom (use smallest measure.)

Width: ______

c. Measurement should be less than the rough opening.

3. Specify hinge side, looking at it from outside.

Hinge: Right or Left?

4. Specify clear or obscure glass (single pane only.)

Glass: Clear or Obscure?


1. Remove old door and trims carefully.

2. Test new door in opening.

3. Clean off old sealant.

4. Apply sealant tape to new door's screw flange.

5. Hang hinge side of door to level, square and plumb. Door should rest on floor. Needs to be level to operate properly.

6. Use shims as needed.

7. Test door before complete attachment.

8. Use a good quality window/door caulk around the frame.

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