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  • Our security and screen doors are meant to be installed on in-swing doors only.

  • There must be a recessed area 3/4" minimum depth where door will be installed. If there is not any recessed area, you may look at jamb extenders to see if they could work for your application.

  • Make sure that the door will clear any awnings overhead.

  • Make sure that the door will clear any decking or platform steps.

  • Make sure that the door will clear any handrails.


1. Find the rough opening where door will be hung.

a. Measure the height on the left and right side. Use the lowest measure.

b. Measure the width at top, center and bottom. Use the lowest measure.

rough opening height-01.png
rough opening width-01.png

2. The formula we use to find the NET SIZE screen or security door.

a. RO height less 7/8" (.875) = ______Net size height

b. RO width less 7/8" (.875) = ______Net size height

3. What model of door?
Model ______

4. What color of door?
Color ______

5. What color screen?
Grey or Charcoal?

6. Security Door Only 

a. Measure from top of door to deadbolt.
= ______

b. Measure from top of door to door knob.
= ______

c. Which side will have the handle? 
Right or Left?

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