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CP Anchor Pier gives maxiumum coach stabilization against seimic and wind movement. For foundations, tie-downs, and earthquake bracing systems. 

Max Height 28"  From Ground To Beam



  • Easy installation. No auger motors required, reducing labor and time of installation.
  • No pre-drilling needed. Only basic hand tools required for install.
  • Ground penetration. No more than 15 inches compared to 30 inches that augers, as well as other anchor systems required.
  • State approved in CA for 100 mph winds and 100 lb snow loads.


State approved plans available for foundations, tie-downs and earthquake bracing systems. 


Please call us for further information.


Listed and Labeled by CTC Services for the following load.

-Minor Lateral - 2667 Max

-Major Lateral - 2667 Max

-Vertical - 8125 Max

CP Anchor Pier

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